Rogamil electrolyte 150 mL - Digestive system cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska
Rogamil electrolyte supplements the lack of fluid and minerals in a case of diarrhea and vomiting for infants, children and adults.

When diarrhea occures,  it is most important to prevent the development of dehydration by giving sufficient amount of fluid. It  is especially important with little children, since they are more prone to dehydration. Rogamil electrolyte replaces fluid and lost electrolytes and stops diarrhea.

  • reimburse the lost fluids and minerals: sodium, potassium and chloride
  • helps regain its acid-base balance
  • contained glucose ensures minimal energy input
  • osmolarity appropriate
  • contained carob helps control caused digestive problems
  • pleasant taste.

Infants up to 2 years of age: 50-100 mL for every diarrheal stool (give teaspoon of fluid every 2 minutes)

Children from 2 to 10 years of age: 100-200 mL for every diarrheal stool (drink small sips of fluid from a cup)

Children older than 10 years: at will


In infants and children who vomit, give a small amount of fluid in short intervals.

What to do when you child has diarrhoea?

What is diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea is a symptom described as a frequent stool (three or more a day), decreased stool density or increased stool volume. Since water and mineral salts are discharged together with the stool, when stools are too frequent, there is a risk of excessive water loss, which may lead to dehydration, rendering the organism unable to absorb nutrients from food, which eventually leads to child malnutrition.  Rogamil stimulates the recovery of intestinal mucous membrane and decreases the disease duration so such condition may be avoided.


How to treat diarrhoea?                                                       

When you notice signs of diarrhoea, such as, for example, frequent number of mushy, liquid or watery stools, it is most important to prevent the development of dehydration by giving sufficient amount of fluid. For that purpose, most often an oral rehydration suspension is prescribed, which is a solution of glucose and electrolytes by composition. Very good composition may be found in Rogamil electrolyte preparation, which is a combination of oral rehydration salt and carob, with the help of which the child will restore the lost fluid and electrolytes and the diarrhoea duration will be reduced. Bottle-fed infant or older children may be fed with Rogamil instead of their usual diet, in order to relieve the diarrhoea symptoms, reduce the diarrhoea duration and speed up child recovery. Unless advised by the doctor to give nothing but rehydration fluid (Rogamil electrolyte) in the next few hours, you may begin feeding with Rogamil. For older infants and children who mostly eat solid foods, you may prepare Rogamil as semi-liquid or mash meal with fruit, following the directions for meal preparation from Rogamil box.

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