Herbal preparations against resistant bacteria

Urinary tract infections are a serious health problem that affects many people. The most common infections of the urinary bladder, and signs of inflammation are frequent, difficult urination and painful irritation in the urethra.

Herbal preparations against resistant bacteriaUrinary Tract Infections are usually caused by bacteria that live in the digestive tract, vagina or the skin around the urethra. Nearly 90% of infections caused by a pathogen, Escherichia coli. This bacterium is a normal inhabitant of the digestive tract of every man and causes inflammation entry through the urethra.

Sinekolin caps and Sinekolin herbal drops are herbal preparations, very effective in relieving symptoms and signs of urinary tract infection and urinary tract function disorders caused by bacteria and other pathogens.

Urinary tract infections are more prone to women due to shorter urethra, while in men the inflammation associated with prostate enlargement that normally prevents urine highlighting. In the case of repeated infections with an incidence of three or more times a year, it is called recurrent.

Sinekolin capsules and herbal drops for effective removal of Escherichia coli from urinary tract and thereby eliminating inflammation. Show high efficiency in one-off and recurring inflammation of the urinary tract.

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