MADEROTHERAPY - our ally in the fight against cellulite

Cellulite! That hateful enemy of every woman, whether she's a top athlete or a model. Cellulite, if you did not know, is defined as "a disease of a chronically degenerative type that tends to worsen and tend to return." Yes, unfortunately, returning! Fighting cellulite is therefore time consuming and hard. And even though many of the treatments offered on the market today are promising, science and medicine are still in doubt when it comes to the ultimate victory over cellulite. Most of these treatments, both invasive and non-invasive, do not offer lasting results because they can only remove the fat cells, and the cellulite problem lies in the connective tissue  that supports the fat cells. Female sex hormone estrogen, genetics, poor nutrition, poor circulation, aging .... these are all important factors in cellulite formation.

So, what do we do?

Fasting and dieting.

Exactly the opposite! Cellulite consists of specific fat cells that act as the accumulation of energy in the case of fasting which ultimately worsens the condition of cellulite.

Liposuction removes cellulite?

In light of the increasing negative effects, do not even think about liposuction. This invasive tretmant comes  with certain health risks and complications and often results in worsening of cellulite.

Anti-cellulite creams.

You must know, there isn´t a miracle cream! Topically applied skin treatments can only do so much to tighten the skin, making cellulite less visible.

And what about lasers?

Today, there are also new minimally invasive methods of removing cellulite with lasers. But with astronomical prices (up to $ 5000), such procedures provide only a semi-permanent solution, results last up to three years.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

All of this sounds pretty discouraging so far, doesn't it? But it's not all black, there are some natural treatmants that are proving to be very effective.  Madero therapy is one of those methods. It is an in-depth massage with wooden rollers (madero = wood in Spanish), which has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its positive effects on stress relief, muscle relaxation and cellulite removal. A method based on ancient Oriental massage techniques was developed by experts in Colombia in the 1990s. It is the ultimate alternative to conventional anti-cellulite massages. In addition to lifting skin tone, madeerotherapy accelerates the lymphatic system and circulation, eliminates toxins and excess water, tightens the skin and helps eliminate cellulite. In order to make the massage as comfortable as possible and the results as effective as possible, the massage oil is first selected according to the skin type or specific skin need. The best choice would be a combination of nutritious and easilly absorbent oils (almond, sunflower) and circulating essential oils (rosemary, lavender, blueberry, thyme, camphor ...)

The procedure is done by repeating rolling movments. Applying this treatment to muscles, fat and cellulite stimulates the lymphatic system, thus releasing the body from the accumulated toxins excessive water and consequently cellulite.

At home maderotherapy

For the best results, of course, you should consult a professional and educated person in beauty salons, but it is a good thing that you can do madeotherapy treatment very efficiently at home. All you need is a home  therapy kit consisting of a wooden roller and anti-cellulite oil. After r applying the anti-cellulite oil, with a roller you repeat the series of movements by constantly pressing the cellulite. Repeat the procedure daily for several minutes. And don't forget, without exercise and changing bad eating habits, no anti-cellulite treatment will be effective.