Plexiglass panel - Face masks and sanitizers cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska

Protective plexiglass panel for counter, cash register and direct contact intended for all professions where close contact with clients is inevitable: beauty salons, pharmacies, bank branches and more. Dimensions: length 80 cm, height 70 cm, opening 25x40 cm. The partition is bent 20 cm inwards. It is easy to install without the need for drilling a table or worktop and gluing it with adhesive tape placed on the bottom edge of the partition. It is easily removed by peeling off the tape. Glue residues can be removed with acetone or other adhesive remover. It can be mounted on all types of worktops and surfaces: glass, wood, chipboard, marble. Custom made according to your dimensions and wishes.

Price: 720,00 kn


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