Waxcartridge - natural - Depilatory (hair removal) products cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska

NATURAL is a smooth texture wax with honey, BIO hazelnut oil and a soothing effect. Excellent hair removal properties in all areas of the body.

It contains castor oil, which preserves and gives skin moisture, and is suitable for waxing dry and damaged skin. It is rich in oily xyelines that have a soothing effect on the skin.

The honey gives the wax a higher density, so this wax is suitable for keeping the heater in the heater for several hours without losing its quality and lubricity.

Hazelnut oil nourishes and softens the skin well. It works to tighten and maintain skin tone. It is especially suitable for the care of oily and blemish skin and skin prone to inflammatory processes and pimples.

A light coat of wax guarantees excellent hair removal without irritation. For permanently smooth and velvety skin.

Price: 9,90 kn

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