Wax pearls - pink, 500ml - DEPILATORY (HAIR REMOVAL) PRODUCTSLiposoluble waxes - discs and pearls cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska

Cold beeswax contains Operculum beeswax - the purest and most valuable type of beeswax that guarantees the elasticity of the product. Practical and measurable, it offers perfect, lasting and gentle hair removal. Weak hair at the root - hair removal with this technique ensures a longer, hairless period. It is suitable for waxing of the armpits, bikini zone, mustache and legs. No straps are required to remove hair.

How to use: 

Dissolve the wax  in a container at 40 ° C - 42 ° C.

Clean the area of ​​skin that is treated with Lotion before waxing containing aloe vera.
Powder should be applied to the skin.
Using a spatula in a thin layer, apply the wax, leaving a small edge to use for grasping (try waxing in the underarm area in one go).

CAUTION: Press the spatula firmly to apply the dissolved wax properly.

When the wax is applied let it harden for 4 - 10 seconds. If the wax is sticky it means that it is not completely cold and ready to be removed.
Keep the skin taut in the opposite direction from hair removal. Remove the wax in a quick motion in a direction that is away from you and parallel to the skin. It is not necessary to use wax tape.
Press the waxed area gently with your palm to prevent skin irritation.
After waxing on the skin, lightly massage the oil after waxing with aloe vera to reduce redness and skin irritation, and to keep our skin soft and silky.

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