Wax cartridge - talk - Depilatory (hair removal) products cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska

TALK is a creamy wax with excellent hair removal properties in professional use.

Contains natural minerals of inorganic origin titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They give the wax a matte finish which allows the wax to be opaque when applied to the skin. Titanium dioxide is a white pigment. Zinc oxide is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

These minerals, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, have the ability to absorb grease and impurities from the skin and therefore TALK wax is very suitable for use on oily skin.

They also do not cause waxing pain because these powdered minerals create a protective layer on the skin and thus the wax does not adhere to the skin and does not cause pain.

A light coat of wax guarantees excellent hair removal without irritation. For permanently smooth and velvety skin.

Price: 9,90 kn

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