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Owing to its mild laxative action, Fig and plum syrup is especially recommended to children, pregnant women and older persons.

Obstipation, also called costiveness or irregularity, is one of the most frequent problems nowadays. Frequent causes of obstipation are: inadequate diet, insufficient exercise, slow digestion and intake of insufficient amount of fluids.  For dealing with problems of obstipation it is desirable to use remedies the content and action of which normalize bowel action. Smokvan Fig and plum syrup eliminates problems caused by hard stool and/or the absence of stool and balances digestion.  In addition to purgation, Smokvan Fig and plum syrup stimulates excretion of toxins that cause fatigue and have a bad affect on health in general. Owing to its mild action, Smokvan Fig and plum syrup is especially recommended to children, pregnant women and older persons. 

The efficiency of Fig and plum syrup is based on interaction of several ingredients:

Fig contains over 50% of invert sugar, complex carbohydrates, pectins, proteins, fats, vitamins (beta-carotene the most), enzymes and a large amount of mineral magnesium to which laxative action is attributed.

Plum contains dietary fibres and bioflavonoids and is hence a real godsend for stimulation of bowel and liver action. Plums are used for breaking the habit of using synthetic laxatives, chiefly with older persons.

Sorbitol is used as a sugar substitute in diabetes.

Essential oil of peppermint reduces cramps in the upper gastrointestinal tract and decreases bloating development in bowels. 

Essential oil of fennel alleviates cramps in digestive tract and bowel bloating.

Use: Children take 1 dosage spoon. Pregnant and nursing women take 3 dosage spoons. Adults take 3 to 6 dosage spoons. Syrup is taken in the evening. 

Regular bowel evacuation is important for the health in whole. On the contrary, noxious products of digestion accumulate, together with development of different symptoms (malaise, feeling of bloating, poor appetite, fatigue, and headache). When bowel movements become less frequent, and the stool becomes hard, dry and difficult to evacuate, obstipation occurs. Women and older persons are more prone to suffer from obstipation. Possible problems can be:

  • insufficient frequency of bowel evacuation – less than three stools a week
  • decrease of intestine peristalsis – which leads to straining and stronger pushing
  • inappropriate consistency –the stool is too hard
  • the stool volume is too small

Here are some pieces of advice for maintenance of regular digestion:

  • Start the morning with breakfast in order to wake up the digestion and stimulate the bowel action.
  • Introduce enough fibre food in the diet: fruit, vegetables and whole wheat.
  • Foods that expand, thus increasing stool volume, are useful.
  • Diet should be diversified, with balanced amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid a day, avoiding carbonated beverages and alcohol.
  • Engage in physical activity.

If problems with obstipation persist, it is advisable to take Fig and plum syrup

Obstipation is a disorder of intestinal motility which can result in the absence of stool and/or failure to empty the bowels.

Our offer includes two products that everyone can choose depending on the type of digestion problems.  

Owing to its mild action, Fig and plum syrup is recommended to children, pregnant women, diabetics, older persons, with haemorrhoid problems, in patients with cardiac by-pass and in other cases where a mild stimulation of bowel evacuation is necessary.  

Fig and senna syrup has a stronger action, and is thus designed for adult persons suffering from prolonged and severe constipation. Fig acts as a mild laxative owing to the high content of magnesium and carbohydrates.  Senna is used as a very powerful purgatory agent, but accompanied by undesirable bowel cramping. The laxative effect of Fig and senna syrup has been retained through interaction of fig and senna, while undesirable bowel irritation and cramping have been avoided. 

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