Aromabella oil - rosemary, 500 ml - Aromabella massage oils cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska

Aromabella rosemary massage oil uses almond and sunflower oil in a ratio of 50: 50 as a base. Almond oil is great for hydrating, especially for dry, chapped and irritated skin. Sunflower oil is best for aroma-massages because it has the ability to absorb quickly and facilitate the transfer of essential oils into the bloodstream. Essential oils, as active ingredients, more easily penetrate all tissues and organs and act where necessary.

Aromabella Rosemary Body Massage Oil as an active ingredient contains Rosemary essential oil. Its olfactory molecules reduce the level of cortisol - a stress hormone. It has a very positive effect against stress and helps to relax the mind and body. One of the best uses for the purpose of boosting immunity is lymphatic massage. It also significantly increases the detoxification function of the organism itself. Because rosemary promotes circulation and detoxification, Aromabella Rosemary Oil is an ideal cellulite suppressant and will also help if your arms or legs are always cold or you have muscle cramps. Rosemary reduces pain by massaging painful areas - headache, rheumatism, arthritis or muscle pain.

Aromabella rosemary massage oil is primarily intended for professional use in beauty salons and massage parlors, but also for home use for body care purposes.

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