Aromabella oil - chocolate 500 ml - Aromabella massage oils cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska

Aromabella chocolate massage oil as a base contains a mixture of 50:50 almond and sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is best for aroma-massages because it contains a quick-absorption property. Almond oil is extremely moisturizing for dry skin and these two oils make the perfect blend for a massage.

If you want to relax completely, Aromabella chocolate massage oil is ideal for you! The smell of chocolate in the brain produces theta waves that encourage relaxation. With its beneficial aromas it boosts energy levels and stimulates the secretion of the hormone of happiness. It is not new that chocolate is the best ingredient for lifting moods, but at the same time it nourishes and restores the skin and brings it refreshment. The chocolate scent is ideal for cold days. Especially in winter, when we can hardly wait to get into warm homes and warm up, the smell of chocolate gives us a sense of comfort.

Aromabella chocolate massage oil is intended primarily for professional use in beauty salons and massage parlors, but also for home use for body care purposes.

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