Aromabella oil - cedar&melissa, 500 ml - Aromabella massage oils cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska

Aromabella cedar - melissa oil contains 50:50 blend of almond and sunflower oil as a base. Almond oil provides excellent hydration to dry and damaged skin. Sunflower oil is the best choice for aroma-massages as it absorbs and facilitates the transfer of the active ingredients into the bloodstream so that it can penetrate all tissues and organs and act where necessary.

The woody odor of cedar has a powerful effect on relieving stress, calming and reducing mental tension. It positively enhances intuition and focuses, concentrates and structures thoughts. This deep scent boosts confidence, develops wisdom, composure, tolerance, and other social qualities and skills.

Aromabella cedar - melissa oil contains the aroma of lemon balm as the dominant note. It’s an intense fresh scent with a sweet citrus note - reminiscent of lemon. It relaxes, elevates mood and restores energy.

500 ml

Price: 54,99 kn

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