Aroma melissa gel - Rheumatic pain cijena, prodaja, Hrvatska
It contains natural essential oils which help with muscle pains and stiffness, decreased joint flexibility and rheumatic pains. Essential oil of Melissa (lemon balm) makes for the relaxing action in the cases of migraine, stress and headache. In addition, it acts as a mild sleep-inducing agent.

Aroma Melissa gel is especially suitable for use with all mildly and moderately painful conditions, when we want to reduce or avoid the use of oral antirheumatic drug. 

Aroma Melissa gel is recommended with:

  • rheumatism
  • arthritis
  • osteoarthrosis
  • gout
  • muscle pains
  • contusions and sprains
  • sport injuries
  • tired legs
  • bronchitis, cough and cold
  • migraine and headache
  • strain and stress
  • nervous sleep problems.


Directions for use: massage into the sore spot or inhale several times a day Aroma Melissa gel may be massaged into chest, easing breathing and soothing cough through passive inhalation. Massaging it into the back of the head will produce a soothing effect in the case of nervous conditions.

Aroma Melissa gel contains an essential oil blend – AROMOL, consisting of 7 different essential oils. In addition to AROMOL essential oil blend, it also contains essential oil of Melissa which has a sedating effect, thus eliminating neurotic symptoms, nervous sleep problems, stress, migraine and headache.

Local application (on the place of inflammation) leads to good absorbance and high concentration of essential oils on the place of action. In addition, hydro-glycerol base facilitates the penetration of essential oils into the sore tissue, thus enabling fast pain relief, owing to the fast effect of essential oil absorbance into the skin.

Essential oils that comprise AROMOL blend have anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-relieving) and antiseptic action, and are thus sure to help with the following painful inflammatory states:

  • rheumatism
  • sciatica
  • neuralgia
  • myalgia
  • joint and muscle stiffness
  • joint pains
  • contusions and sprains.

AROMOL essential oil blend contains:

  • lavender essential oil, Lavandulae aetheroleum, which acts as rubefacient, as well as antiseptic and analgesic. It is most often applied locally in cases of rheumatism, lumbago, muscle and joint pains.
  • rosemary essential oil, Rosmarini aetheroleum, improves circulation, so it is used for massage in the case of muscle rheumatism.
  • essential oil of (common) juniper berries (Juniper communis, L.) irritates the skin and causes better blood circulation in tissue, hence acting therapeutically in all sorts of joint diseases, because it substantially penetrates the tissue, thus curing even a deeper seat of disease
  • other ingredients from the group of  irritants – which act on nerve ends causing prickling sensation and stinging; and rubefacients – which dilate blood vessels on the sore spot and speed up blood flow.   
  • essential oil of Melissa has a sedative effect, eliminating neurotic symptoms, nervous sleep problems, stress, migraine and headache.  

Rheumatic disorders include painful conditions related to the locomotor  system, i.e. painful conditions connected to joints, bones, muscles and tendons.

People suffering from rheumatic diseases have one thing in common: they all have the same symptoms, namely, pain and limited mobility of the body part affected by rheumatic disease. Rheumatic diseases frequently render everyday activities impossible and are the main cause of disability among persons above the age of 65.  

Aroma melissa gel  can be used as the main therapeutic remedy for pains in muscles or joints or as a help to other forms of therapy (tablets, injections or suppositories). In a nutshell, with all mildly or moderately difficult painful conditions in which we want to decrease or avoid the use or oral form of anti-rheumatic drug.  


Rheumatic disorders may be relieved by:

  • exercising (stretching and warm-up exercises)
  • diet containing fruit, vegetables, low-fat or skim milk and dairy products, whole wheat, fat free meat, poultry and fish
  • dry climate
  • reduction of excess body weight, which decreases the joint load
  • avoiding lengthy seating position in poor sitting posture
  • control of metabolism disorders (e.g. diabetes), because they accompany rheumatic diseases most frequently. 

Essential oils act beneficially when inhaled, but also when penetrating through undamaged skin. The most frequent way of using essential oils is by massaging them into the tissue, combining positive effects of massage and essential oils. Each preparation has its specific purpose, so Aroma reuma gel stimulates circulation, while Aroma Melissa gel not only stimulates the circulation, but has a soothing action as well.

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